House Museum Al Belvedere "Pietro Ghizzardi"

Nude on the beach Pietro Ghizzardi 1960s  Casa Museo Pietro Ghizzardi

House Museum Al Belvedere "Pietro Ghizzardi", based in Boretto (Reggio Emilia, Italy), was founded in 1992 by Nives Pecchini Ghizzardi, the artist’s niece, in the house where Pietro Ghizzardi (1906-1986) spent the last 10 years of his life.

The House Museum hosts the world largest collection of art works by the artist which include paintings, murals, sculptures, engravings, manuscripts of his literary works as well as an extensive photographic, bio-bibliographic and video archive.
House Museum “Pietro Ghizzardi” is also the seat of the artist’s Historical Archive, founded in 1978, whose aims are to promote, appraise, preserve and safeguard the artistic heritage of Ghizzardi, as well as to preside over the cataloguing of the artist’s works, being the only institution authorised to do so.
The Historical Archive main focuses are the census and historical documentation of Ghizzardi’s works of art, in order to lay the foundations for a catalogue raisonne, to reach the collectors and encourage their involvement in editorial projects.
House Museum and the Historical Archive are a reference point for both private and institutional international collecting through the loan of works of art to museums and collections worldwide and by offering consultancy on compiling critical apparati, by providing the expertise on Ghizzardi’s works of art as well as by giving buying advise.

Since 2012 Cultural Association “Pietro Ghizzardi” has been supporting the House Museum and the Historical Archive in promoting and spreading the studies and researches on the artist’s work. The Association deals with the divulgation of the artist’s work through the organization of cultural activities that range from exhibitions, projections, readings and conferences to educational projects with different school years.

Thanks to House Museum and Association Pietro Ghizzardi’s commitment, several art pieces by the artist took part in a number of significant Italian and international exhibitions.

Legal status, e.g. foundation, private or public organisation:
Casa Museuo Al Belvedere "Pietro Ghizzardi" - private organisation
Associazione Culturale "Pietro Ghizzardi" - non profit organisation
Permanent address:
Via De Rossi, 27/B 42022
Boretto (RE)
Phone number:
+39 340 50 72 384
+39 342 96 37 325
Email address:
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Year of foundation:

Casa Museu Al Belvedere "Pietro Ghizzardi" 1992

Associazione Culturale "Pietro Ghizzardi" 2012
Number of staff: 3
Full time: 0
Part time: 3 (voluntary work)
Type of organisation: