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Do you want to own a unique piece of jewelry? Or a beautiful skirt sewn in a fashion designer's studio, looking as if it emerged from a black and white photo? Or put on the table in the living room a beautiful vase made by a talented Bulgarian artist? And all this because you value handmade products created with love and taste. Now imagine that they are all in one place. On this page you will find information about the creations offered by small shops and independent artists. Moreover, various cafes and bars in Sofia will host "bazAarts" where you can get acquainted with the artists and buy any items you like. When, where and what you can expect from each of these "bazAarts" will be announced here.

Legal status:
Public organisation
Permanent address:
Vladayska.str 17
Sofia Town
Phone number: +35 9887 24 26 23
Email address:
Year of foundation: 2013


Number of permanent staff: 1 (1 full time, 0 part time)

Type of organisation:
Handmade organisation