Around Jean Linard's Cathedral
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Autour de la Cathédrale de Jean Linard
Around Jean Linard's Cathedral
Registered since the 16 of July 2012 as historical monument, the Jean Linard's Cathedral – 'the tallest in the world, since it has the sky for its roof" -  is a remarkable example of Outsider Art in situ. Made up of a large vernacular house and a garden full of monumental sculptures, this environment is a "total work of art" where architecture, sculpture, ceramics, mosaic, salvage and repurposing are explored simultaneously. This set has been entirely created by Jean Linard, self-taught and without a plan.

After the departure of the artist in February 2010, the family unable to take on the huge task of maintenance and renovation of such a place, decided to put it up for sale. A nonprofits association called "Autour de la Cathedrale de Jean Linard"  (an expression playing with the double meaning of the word autour which means at the same time around and about ) was created in early April 2012, with the goal of protecting and highlighting this place. The association wishes to conduct a long-term cultural project with the intention to develop the artistic, cultural and social potential of this site. It will include shows, exhibitions, expositions, conferences, artist-in-residence programs as well as art workshop for children and disabled people.


Currently it is responsible for making the website, as well as the organization of the opening to the public thanks to an agreement with the family.

The association is planning to launch a fundraising campaign to acquire the site and restore it.

Legal status: private
Permanent address:
La Cathédrale de Jean Linard
Les Poteries
18250 Neuvy-deux-clochers
Phone number:
+33 (0)9 73 01 86 46 
Email address:
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Year of foundation: 2012
Number of staff: 4
Type of organisation:
Outsider Art Environment