Museo Art Brut Firenze - Associazione

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Promote awareness towards Art Brut and similar movements (outsider art, raw art, irregular art, etc...) to a mixed audience

Promote and/or manage any initiatives, fund raising or self-financing, which are deemed suitable to the association with its prime objective in mind: the opening of the Art Brut Museum in Florence

Carry out cultural activities aimed at sensitizing the community towards social themes connected with the artistic current

Promote artists who adhere to the movement in order to restore its artistic and human dignity

Protect cultural heritage to prevent it from being dispersed or damaged

Offer educational opportunities and both theoretical and practical learning to volunteers, students and workers in the industry

Create a network with like-minded associations on a national and international level with the aim of setting up a favourable environment for those who wish to share and trade experiences in the field, developing and reinforcing transnational partnerships

Organize and carry out, also for third parties, cultural initiatives and conventions, both national and international

Facilitate connections between companies, associations and local organizations to create a support network, extending to subjects operating in a social and/or organizational contexts

Collaborate with public and private companies, cultural associations, sport clubs, consortiums and cooperatives which pursue similar objectives and aims

Adhere to national and international entities which pursue similar objectives  


Legal status:
Social Promotion Association
Permanent address:
Via Solferiono, no 43, Florence, Italy
Phone: +39 339 7198029
Email address: 
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Year of foundation:
Number of permanent staff:
Full time: 3
Part time: 0
Type of organisation:
Association which organizes mobile cultural events and workshops