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Art Obert Sinia is a new project, where two entities are reunion forces to make this project strong and real.

WE are artists and educators that we work aligned with the art brut or the outsider art. Our principal aim is, to create a space of communication across the art, where the participants to our workshops acquire technical knowledge of fine arts, as drawing, painting, sculpture, wall painting, etc.; in a relaxed space where the learning is natural and goes in agreement with the capacities and needs of every person.

We work, looking for the artistic profile of every person and guiding it in his creative process. This search, it increases glaringly the auto esteem and the self-knowledge. Across our practice we try, to facilitate the persons' social inclusion with disability, offering them a way of communication and of acquisition of experiences to share with the society.

In November, 2016, we manage to open a gallery of art specialized in art brut or outsider art. The gallery tries to give more visibility to the works and to increase the mobility of the art works inside Europe. 

Legal status:
Alliance between two entities; one association and one cooperative
Permanent address:
Banys Nous 16
Phone number:
Email address:
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Year of foundation:
Art Obert 2008
Sinia 1991
Number of permanent staff:
Art Obert
Full time: 1
Part time: 3
Full time: 12
Type of organisation:
Educational centre and gallery