Kunstnerhuset KARAVANA

 Bodil Schou billede 60-80 cm

Kunstnerhuset KARAVANA (House of Artists)

Into the Arts - Out into the World

Kunstnerhuset KARAVANA is an artistic platform for people with mental and physical disabilities, who are creative.

Kunstnerhuset KARAVANA consists of three studios in creative arts:
Atelier KARAVANA, Workshop of visual art.
Kompagni KARAVANA, Experimental theater group.
KARAVANA Band, Band of musicians.

At Kunstnerhuset KARAVANA the artists, actors and musicians are given access to education, inspiration and challenges by highly skilled and motivated teachers of the three different workshops. In a specialised Art house like KARAVANA it is far more comprehensive than dealing with a standard art academy or school of performing arts, because the work in addition to the artistic challenges also includes social educational aspects.

The daily work is characterized by a constant combination and balance between aesthetic and ethical issues.

Kunstnerhuset KARAVANA has a long tradition of national and international cooperation with other similar workshops. We have regular exhibitions, events and performances in Denmark.  

Atelier KARAVANA have had exhibitions in many European countries and participated in the World Exhibition of Very Special Arts, USA.  

On our website : www.kunstnerhusetkaravana.dk and on our Facebook account: Kunstnerhuset KARAVANA, you will find more information about our exhibitions and event in our studios.

Legal status, e.g. foundation, private or public organisation:
public organisation
Permanent address:
Grahambelsvej 1A, 8200, Aarhus N. Denmark
Phone number:
+45 87 13 24 92
Email address:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Year of foundation: 1993

Number of staff: 4
Full time: 0
Part time: 4
Type of organisation:
Art workshop with gallery, theater and band